Letter To My Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend,

I need to tell you something. You are one of the most tremendous human beings I have ever met. Not only are you beautiful on the outside, you have this amazing ability to allow your inner beauty to shine through and magnify all of your gifts. You are a wonderful daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend. You are the total package.

Please don’t ever waste your time with people who say they love you, but treat you as if they don’t. They are lying to you. They may not be unloving or lying to you on purpose, but recognize that regardless of their motives they are not good for someone of your calibre. Remember that it is possible to love someone and still not to be in their life, or have them in yours. Walking away is not only a gift to you, but it could be a gift to them as well. By walking away, this stops the cycle of manipulation, deceit and hurt and could potentially save someone else from their behavior.

This goes for friends and lovers. Sometimes they are the same person, sometimes they are different. Please don’t ever accept anything negative about your heart or your character that anyone says to you because it is simply not true. Not at all.

I learned long ago that when someone thinks it’s necessary to point out your flaws to defend their own without asking them to, it speaks volumes about how they feel about themselves.You have the power to change the station.

Your friends, family, and children are watching you. They watch how you accept a compliment. They watch how you accept criticism. They pay attention to what you buy into and they will follow your example. Think about who is watching you and act on their behalf, even if you cannot find strength to do it for yourself.

Your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, siblings and even your parents can learn from the self love you portray. Do it for them. Do it for me. I’m watching you, too.

Regardless of whether you choose to take this advice, know that I will always love you, accept you and be here for you.

I love you more than you will ever know. I am your biggest fan.

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25 Responses to “Letter To My Girlfriend”
  1. Thanks for this. Sometimes wading through the business of our lives we forget to be our own advocate. I need to remember that my children look to me to see what a healthy, balanced role model their mother is. They only have my behavior to gauge that so, if I forget to look after myself, their perception of healthy is distorted. It’s also nice to remember that woman can and do support each other. Looking for love and acceptance in our female friends is never a bad idea.

  2. Excellent as always. Hard advice to take sometimes…

    You are definitely the total package Willa. :)

  3. I loved this letter. I will be forwarding this onto my oldest daughter….she needs this letter right now!

    • I’m glad you found it timely. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Angela

    Thank you for this. It really stuck a chord, and I find myself misty eyed. I will definitely be sharing this link.

  5. I can’t imagine anyone else writing this message to succinctly, so effectively and so beautifully. I will definitely be sharing this post. Thank you.

  6. I’ve said this very thing to at least five people in the last month or thereabouts…and believe it or not, the greater portion of that number were males.

    You _can_ love people from afar, where you are beyond the reach of their hostility and/or passive cruelty. Stepping them out of your life does not mean you wish them ill.

  7. Roger M

    Thanks so much for this! At first I thought it was a letter to a girl from a guy but quickly saw that it was something far greater. Really glad I stopped by. Please, keep writing and sharing your thoughts. There’s magic in this stuff.

    • I cannot tell you how glad I am to see a few men comment on this subject! Thank you Roger!

  8. Frank Rancy

    If you don’t mind I’m going to take a few lines of this and add them to a card I’m leaving for my girlfriend when she gets back from her trip. I’ll include the URL to your post, don’t worry. She’ll dig that I’m reading up on how to make her happy. =)

    • Frank- I’d be honored. She will love that you care so much about her happiness.

  9. Ato Carl

    This post needs a playlist of songs to listen to while reading it! Seriously. You’ve got me choked up already. Might as well give me something to sing along with! =)

  10. Rod B

    I wish I could write with such kindness. I need to write some letters because phone calls don’t last the same. Need to tell my brother that I’m happy we both made it.

    • Thanks Rod….I agree, heartfelt letters are something loved ones can treasure for much longer than a phone call. I certainly don’t discourage reaching out in any way possible though.

  11. Daniel woo

    Oh, your friend is so very lucky!

  12. hzan

    This made me smile. Good for nearly any friend, girl or no! =)

    • Yes, I think it’s appropriate for anyone in any type of relationship. Thanks for reading it.

  13. Melani Amini

    This made my day. I hope to get such a letter sent to me in the future! =)

  14. I’m glad it helped make your day better, Melani.
    Maybe you could set an example of what you want by sending a letter of your own to someone you love!

  15. This letter is toking directly to me and my Life, and i know this is the junction of turning point in my life!

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